Create a "Bond and Grow Board" building deeper connection for Mothers and Daughters

Imagine a vision board, but with a twist. It's not about personal aspirations; it's about taking a vibrant look at shared experiences, interests, and dreams with your daughter.

The "Bond & Grow Board" is a creative endeavor that captures the essence of your mother-daughter bond, creating not only a memorable moment of deep connection but a life time memory and keep sake. 

Why the guide?

  •  Celebrate Togetherness: Engage in a meaningful activity that brings you closer, uncovering shared interests you never knew existed.
  •  Foster Creativity and Connection: Dive into a sea of magazines, photos, and drawings, selecting images and words that reflect the heart of your relationship.
  •  Create a Lasting Symbol: Craft a board that stands as a testament to your bond, a constant reminder of your shared love and the adventures that await.
  •  Experience Growth Together: Let this board be a starting point for new explorations, discussions, and shared experiences, enriching your relationship.


I live in Ibiza and I am a mum of strong willed (now preteen) daughter. 

As our daughters grow up, finding common ground can sometimes feel like navigating a maze, with new interests, opinions, and outside influences shaping their emerging identities. 

I created the "Grow & Bond" board as a way to create deeper connection with my daughter that felt fun, creative and easy, and am gifting it to you so you can do the same.

Communication may not always flow as freely as it once did, and it's natural to feel the growing pains alongside the joy of watching them blossom.

The 'Bond & Grow Board Guide' offers a light-hearted and engaging opportunity to reconnect, providing a fun and creative outlet to explore and celebrate your evolving relationship.