Empowering mothers of strong-willed and neurodivergent children to navigate challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth, supporting a life where both mother and child flourish together. 

I'd love to join this journey!

Let's Grow Alongside Our Children

Welcome, my name is Jade Gooding. 

Raising strong-willed or neurodivergent children demands more than just external parenting tools and strategies, You need to be balanced and centred to stay calm when they having a hard time. 

The true cornerstone of good parenting in these challenging circumstances lies within—centering yourself. Your internal work is the most crucial tool, enabling you to navigate your child's unique needs with calm, understanding, and resilience. It is deep personal work. 

Knowing this I guide and empower mothers to become the best versions of themselves, mind, body, soul, mama. 

Through knowledge, guidance, and wisdom, I help you create a centred and purposeful life, allowing you to do the things you love, grow alongside your children, and foster easier, more fulfilling relationships with your whole family. 

I just love this quote to inspire us to drop the mum guilt and live better lives: “As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching to see what we do with ours” – Joyce Maynard.

Ready to join me on the journey? Let me share some powerful tools. 


I've been there....

Knowing I want more for myself but struggling to find the time…

Starting an exercise program, giving up, reading a mind-blowing book self help book but never putting it to action, signing up to “that’ workshop but not ever watching it, catching myself scrolling mindlessly but unable to  break the habit, wanting to be a better parent but yelling anyway. 

After years of trial and error, striving to balance my own growth, family life, and doing what I love, I've found the path to a more centred and purposeful living.
That doesn't mean it isn't messy sometimes but we bounce back quickly and relationships are quickly repaired. 

It wasn’t always that way I have worn many hats from single mum to mother of a Neurodivergent child to sober curious mum to brain injured chronic fatigue mum, all of these challenges have supported me to keep working on myself despite the circumstances. 

My mission has led me to empower mothers, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to create meaningful change in their lives. I've witnessed transformations, helped families thrive, and seen mothers embrace their best selves.

My approach is about empowerment, growth, and creating lasting change. 



Discover the Power of 'Me Time': Masterclass

Doors are currently closed to this Transformational Masterclass. Join the waiting list. 


FREE: Mindful Magic Morning Routine

A simple yet transformative way to prioritise yourself and set the tone for each day.


"Bond and Grow Board" Workshop

Deepen Your Connection: A Free "Bond and Grow Board" Workshop for Mothers and Daughters


Why You Should Join Me....

In a world where depression, anxiety, insecurities, and comparisons are the norm, as parents, we owe it to ourselves to take control of our own lives, mind, body and soul. By taking control not only do we change our lives but our children can be shown a better way from early on, through simple, powerful tools that are available to us all.

You upgrade your phone and your computer so why not yourself? More and more parents are realising that deep personal journeys of self mastery and self-acceptance will allow both us, and in turn by modelling behaviour, our children to handle whatever comes our way.

By making sense of some of life’s biggest challenges and reflecting on elements of my own childhood I have been able to recognise cycles, clear self doubt and to own who I am with a deeper understanding and it has transformed my parenting journey and I know it can yours too. 

Combining parenting tools with personal work is the key to a much easier parenting journey. 

"To say that I have learned a lot is an understatement! Jade has shared so much practical and emotional support for us as Mama's and as human beings evolving in our lives. This course has also validated for me the importance of having time to myself in order to become who I want to be as a person and as a mama. I would unreservedly recommend this course to any Mama's looking to personally evolve and grow in their lives. Thanks so much Jade x "


"Jade teaches with so much openess, empathy, presence and enthusiasm, she is a delight to watch. Giving myself three months to focus on the Whole Of Me, is the most I have done for myself in the 7 years, since my children were born. I had amazing breakthroughs on my Soul level, Mind, Body and Mama. "


" I have really valued doing Jade’s 12-week plan. I had not really been taking any ‘time for me’ and being encouraged to set realistic (and changeable!) goals and then made accountable for them has made a big positive impact on my life. I’ve also learned a bunch of new tools that will make me a more effective parent; and I’ve lost nearly a stone in the process, which wasn’t part of the original plan but I feel much better in my own skin and am delighted!"


I know it can be hard....

Mothering strong willed children in a conscious, kind and understanding way sometimes feels like it will break us and sometime it does.

I share my challenges and importantly what supports me through it, to support you to feel less alone and in hope that you will learn from my lessons. 

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