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I’m Jade, a mum of strong willed (now preteen) daughter. I’m not wild about labels but there a whole load of them from ADHD to PDA and they help us navigate the tough stuff with better understanding so we take the knowledge that goes with the labels to support us where we can.

I’ve had to master myself to not join in her chaos and actually what really got me there was not the parenting tools ( my gosh they are helpful) but it was the personal development work that really changed it all.

The tough stuff is manageable and I am more centred that ever before. 

But it wasn’t always like this:

It's been a challenging ride, from being a single mum, to sustaining a pretty debilitating brain injury and still managing chronic fatigue.

About Me:

Using my deep understanding of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychology, Mindfulness and Human Behaviour I take the mothers I work with on my 12 week program on a journey of self discovery and personal growth.

I interweaves this experience with powerful parenting tools that incorporate Positive Discipline and Conscious Parenting to  the motherhood journey.

The core belief is that becoming a parent is the ultimate opportunity to grow as a human, mind, body and soul. In turn, our parenting experience will be more rewarding on every level.

Self-care, mindfulness, growth mindset, meditation, positive discipline, philosophy, psychology, flow, gratitude, proper praise, movement, nurturing our souls, exercise and nutrition are all championed in this whole parent approach.

The foundation of my understanding is that modelling behaviour is the most powerful way we can lead our children. By working towards being the possible version of ourselves we are showing our children they can do the same too. 

Empowering them to dramatically reduce childhood depression, anxiety and the need for external reward.

Back when I was a single mum my relationship with my daughter was challenging, from early on I knew she needed me and I was not able to be fully present as I needed to support us (sitting at my laptop saying “just a second honey”).

It was getting too much, my daughter was pushing every boundary and as many parenting books, as I read, I realised the change was not just needed in her behaviour but from mine, to make both our lives better for the long term.

Going on a personal journey of self-mastery ( taking control of our internal thought process, our emotions, habits, and behaviours.

To respond rather than react. To take control, to see things for what they really are – often very crappy shaped beautiful gifts ) released parenting fears, changes perspectives and gives us a powerful toolset that will allow both us and our children to handle whatever comes our way. 


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