Understanding Your Child’s Love Languages: A Parent's Guide

In the realm of relationships, Gary Chapman’s concept of the Five Love Languages has offered invaluable insights into how love is expressed and received. While commonly applied to romantic partnerships, this powerful framework holds profound implications for parenting. 

The first time my friend Lindsay highlighted it to me was a big AHA moment! Of course recognising and speaking your child's love language can deepen connections, foster understanding, and reinforce your bond in unique ways.

Let me share with you the love languages so you can start which two stand out most as your child’s love language. 

The Five Love Languages Explained

1. Words of Affirmation

This love language thrives on verbal expressions of love and appreciation. For children who resonate with this language, hearing affirmations, praise, and positive words provides a strong sense of security and self-worth. 

2. Acts of Service

Acts of service are actions taken to ease your child's...

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