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adhd parenting Feb 07, 2024

Strong willed children have always interested me.

My learning over the years has meant that I have a lot of amazing tools to support the more challenging times.

Interesting the tools I share with the mums I work with, be that personal development tools for their own growth and balance or parenting tools to support keeping their child more regulated now become my own lifeline once again. Ha at least I know they work!

My daughters ADHD diagnosis is so much more obvious as she reaches 10 and as we break our routine by spending the summer in our friends tiny guest casita in Ibiza for the summer.

From what I am learning children with ADHD have an underdeveloped brain ( well half of it is, the other part is off the chart over developed) which results in them having lots of melt downs. So I have had to get really good at knowing how to handle them.

Now these melt downs are what we’re previously seen as tantrums.

We associate tantrums with 3 year olds. It’s entirely more intense...

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