Stealing Boredom: The Unseen Cost of Handing Smartphones to Our Children

In an era where digital devices are omnipresent, to some handing a smartphone to a child has become as mundane as offering a pencil. Yet, this simple gesture carries profound consequences, robbing our children of something surprisingly valuable: their boredom. As we usher them into a world where entertainment is just a swipe away, we inadvertently commodify their views on sex, dilute their understanding of connection, and present filtered concepts of what it means to be human. The result? We risk nurturing a generation of writers who will never write, artists who will never doodle, and chefs who will never make a mess of the kitchen. (Thanks for this reality slap, Glennon Doyle.)

The Smartphone Saturation: A Look at the Numbers

Recent Ofcom research reveals a staggering truth: 91% of children in the UK own a smartphone by the age of 11, and 44% by the tender age of nine. This early adoption of digital devices heralds a seismic shift in the landscape of childhood, carrying...

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