Is the Water We Drink as Important as the Food We Eat?


The importance of a healthy diet is often emphasised when we speak about raising children. We focus on organic foods, balanced meals, and avoiding processed junk, but how often do we consider the quality of the water we drink? For mothers striving to nurture their families, understanding the significance of water quality, particularly structured water, can be a game-changer. My dear friend Gemma really turned me on to the importance of water in the last year and the more I read the more I see this is a vital part of a holistic health puzzle.

The Science Behind Structured Water

Structured water, sometimes referred to as hexagonal water, is believed to have a unique molecular arrangement that is more beneficial to our bodies than regular tap or bottled water. This concept has been explored by various researchers, including Dr. Masaru Emoto, who famously demonstrated how the molecular structure of water can change based on exposure to different environments, emotions, and...

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