Strong Willed Child vs ADHD Labelling

It’s funny how a perspective shift can transform everything. 

A strong willed child, can be energetic, can be argumentative, can be absolutely infuriating. They can unintentionally beat you down, especially if you are leading the way with positive discipline, gentle parenting and respectful parenting practices. 

It can all make you questions your sanity.  It forces you to work on yourself, to be come a better parent. You learn to master your own strong willed tendencies, you search out ways to find better grounding and control of yourself. 

You look for tools to support your interactions with your child. You use ‘Time-In” you swerve ‘Reward Charts’ you work hard to never use punishment or reward. 

You build resilience, you teach them how to look at things from a global perspective not just a local perspective (the whole world hates me then becomes that one girl doesn’t like me) 

Life becomes easier and you find a...

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